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The McSweeney's Book Of Politics And Musicals (2012)

by McSweeney's Publishing(Favorite Author)
3.4 of 5 Votes: 5
0307387348 (ISBN13: 9780307387349)
review 1: Some of these pieces were a lot funnier than others, but there are a lot of different humor styles in this book too. Some may find the book to be more riotous than others. My personal favorite was early in the book and it was, "From the Diary of John Adams" by Peter Krinke. I was rolling! There were some others that made me laugh out loud too. In particular, those were "Thirty and Pregnant," "Abstinence-Only Driver's Ed," "I Probably Shouldn't Have Opted for the Cheapest HMO," "Pickman's Chicken Farm is Now Cruelty-Free," and "The Next Wave: Candidate Product Placement."This was a good lazy Sunday read.
review 2: The editor of this opus is a genius, and every selection is hilarious and amazing, but it's the subtle narrative thread tying the individual works tog
... moreether that makes this anthology so compelling. And no, I don't mean that all of the pieces are related to politics in some way, although they are. I mean the murder mystery cleverly woven into each of the selections, which unfolds with such taut suspense, and for which each entry in this anthology offers a vital clue. When the solution is discretely unveiled in the final pages -- so discretely you will miss it unless you have been reading compulsively between the lines throughout -- you'll be amazed. Think you're reading a traditional humor anthology? THINK AGAIN!I suspect this groundbreaking anthology will change humor anthologies forever. From here on out, unless audiences are given humor anthologies that double as murder mysteries, spy thrillers, or tales of intrepid adventure involving lost continents, sea monsters, and flamboyant pirates, they are going to be disappointed.Finally, Jesse Eisenberg can act AND tell funny jokes about Marxist-Socialists? Who knew? less
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It's worth going through an election just to get some great stuff like this.
Overall, quite funny. The musicals were some of my favorite selections.
meh. not so funny. it all reads better online, in small doses.
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