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Snip, Snip Revenge (2014)

by Medeia Sharif(Favorite Author)
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Evernight Teen
review 1: There are a lot of things I could say about this book. The main character, Tabby, begins as a selfish, superficial teenager. Her health teacher hates her, and when the threat of lice arouses, everyone in Tabby's school must be checked. Tabby's health teacher, Mrs. Fuller, informs her that she has lice and must go home right away to have it taken care of. Now obviously, Tabby doesn't have lice, but since her father doesn't care about Tabby's hair and doesn't know that she doesn't really have lice, he takes her to his barbershop, and has it cut off. Now obviously, this book is revolved around Tabby's hair, as the title hints, so this is a big deal. Tabby is an "actress" and losing her hair is like losing a best friend. As any book has, there is a mean girl (no pun intended),... more Heather, that makes Tabby's life miserable, as Tabby is of ethnic background, and Heather is racist. Eventually though, Heather is taken down by the OR (read the book!) and is forced to leave school.There is also a hot guy, except that this isn't some random that just falls head over heels for Tabby. Okay fine, he does, but it's different this time. First, let me tell you that Michael's mom owns a hair salon, so what you are about to read might not actually be as gay as it sounds. Tabby's friends don't think that Michael's straight, so when Tabby and Michael go on their first "date," it's a big deal to determine if he really is gay. They go on their date and have a really good time, so they head back to Michael's house. No one's home... so Tabby and Michael head up to his room. They sit down, and he proceeds to give Tabby advice on her hair, and ways to make it look longer and more textured. If that wasn't enough for Tabby, Michael begins to get excited about a Project Runway marathon. Final straw right? Yup, and Tabby leaves, convinced that he's gay. So Tabby is going through a rough patch of her life right now. Her beloved hair is gone, she didn't get the lead in her school's production of West Side Story, and the guy she really likes is "gay."Tabby is ignoring Michael and completely shutting him out, not wanting to get hurt again. At the end of the book, Tabby confronts him, and it turns out that he isn't gay, he was just nervous about their date, and as I said before, his mom owns a hair salon, hence the hair tips. At the beginning of the book, Tabby is a self-centered, slut (sorry, but she and her friends spend their mornings talking about all the guys they've been with, and it usually took them a while to get through them all) that needs to learn to grow up. There are a lot of little details that go along with this book, but they're not really important to the review. So Tabby ends up getting the guy, starts to accepts her hair, and her health teacher doesn't really hate her anymore (or so it appears).I'm glad Tabby went on this journey because it allowed her to grow up and it showed her that her hair and the little things in live might actually not be her biggest problem, or that they don't really matter at all. The beginning of the book is cheesy and not well written, but by the end, it got better and I'm glad I was able to read this book. I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
review 2: I read this a while back and am only now getting around to writing a review. This was a tough story for me to read. I didn't particularly like Tabby at first because I thought she was very self-centered and self-absorbed. But slowly I began to see how she is, having a domineering father and a step-mother who is pre-occupied with having a baby, and a mother who is probably an alcoholic. Plus she's being bullied on-line. Losing her hair is the just the crest of a wave that is crashing down on her. less
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Another solid story by this author. Once again, a realistic protagonist with heart.
Read it in one sitting. Super fun book.Review to come.
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