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Awkward Family Photos (2010)

by Mike Bender(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 5
0307592294 (ISBN13: 9780307592293)
Three Rivers Press
review 1: I enjoyed this very much. It wasn't just the photos (they were hilarious) but the way they were presented. There were various categories - holidays, family vacations, siblings, birthdays, etc. and each had a warm and humorous introduction. I guess that is what I liked about this book - its warmth and humour. It didn't have a nasty 'look at those dorks' tone to it, but rather 'look at US, being dorks'. We have all been there and been that awkward! I also like the true stories of family related awkward incidents. I am happy to say that my dad never cracked dad jokes, however!A fun book.
review 2: Some points made me laugh out loud despite myself - primarily because I have photos just like these buried somewhere in my family albums.The one that tickled me the most
... more was the one where the child was posed with a tiger and the title reads "This is me. And a tiger. In a shopping mall." Oh, yes... I have a photo of myself and my older sister in much the same position. Weird, you say? Really? ;) less
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The best part was the chapter introductions. They ring true to what it is like to have a family.
Absolutely Hilarious! A Must Read!
This book is pretty funny.
Absolutely HILARIOUS!!!
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