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Over Easy (2014)

by Mimi Pond(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 3
1770461531 (ISBN13: 9781770461536)
Drawn and Quarterly
review 1: I remember moving to Berkeley at around the same age that the fictionalized heroine moves to Oakland, getting a job in a record store, and being so UTTERLY FASCINATED by all the NEW AND UTTERLY FASCINATING PEOPLE that I met. But it wasn't really the record store scene, or Berkeley, or the birth of punk or whatever. It was just being totally in love with youth and a sense of possibility. I really wanted to like Mimi Pond, and this book, and to identify with it bc I kind of went through the same thing and in the same place. But I didn't because I'm not 22 anymore. A memoir implies that there's some insight to looking back but I didn't find any insight here. The art's pretty awesome though.
review 2: A friend lent me this graphic novel, which centers on a young wo
... moreman in 1978 who takes a job at Mama's Royal Cafe (about 6 blocks away from my house). I picked it up while killing a few minutes before going out for a bit; when I got back I sat down and read the rest straight through in one sitting. I think it would be engaging and enjoyable for anyone but has a special joy for those of us who live in this neighborhood, for whom the drawn landscape is so familiar. less
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It's alright. The artwork is wonderful. I have a feeling this one is best enjoyed with a joint.
I enjoyed this. I didn't grow up in the 70's, but this is how I've imagined it.
"Who are these people who brunch? I hate them all."
Amusing but unoriginal.
3.75 rating.
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