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The False Friend (2010)

by Myla Goldberg(Favorite Author)
2.77 of 5 Votes: 5
0385527217 (ISBN13: 9780385527217)
review 1: What I've noticed with this authors writing is there's never a true ending. She always leaves you hanging. And this is the worst case of that ever. The book is so random, the characters aren't even that good and by the end you're kinda bored and don't really care whether she figures everything out or not. Then...it leaves you hanging....lame. I was really hoping for a good one since the last book of hers I read "Wickett's Remedy" (though not what I expected it to be about) was much better. But hey, not every book you write can be amazing.
review 2: This book had the potential to be completely gut-wrenching, and at times it reached that level. It touches on the cruelty of pre-teen girls and the lasting scars that they leave on each other, but just never quite e
... morembraces it. Many of the characters are so thinly developed that you forget about them after turning the page, which makes it difficult to feel anything but disdain for them and for Celia. less
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Interesting spread of reactions to this. I read right through rather avidly.
Had high hopes for this because I loved Bee Season. Very disappointing.
Creepily compelling. Goldberg continues to surprise with this latest.
...the ending was a let-down.
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