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This Changes Everything: Capitalism Vs. The Climate (2014)

by Naomi Klein(Favorite Author)
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1451697384 (ISBN13: 9781451697384)
Simon & Schuster
review 1: Oh no, I'm turning green, and it's Naomi Klein's fault! For many years, I was turned off the green movement because of its apparent domination by bourgeois whipper-snappers who used it to be sanctimonious about the number of categories into which they divided their rubbish, and used that as an excuse to ignore poverty and fundamentalism. Klein succeeds in linking the destruction of the Earth inextricably with market fundamentalism, and in showing that neither is invincible. OK, I'm convinced. Towards the end of the book, she gets tempted towards Mother Earth woo by her own fertility problems, but eventually manages to distinguish the scientific method from the abuse of science. I suspect that if she knew more about pre-Columbian societies, she would be less inclined to rom... moreanticise their descendants. Overall, however, it is a meticulously researched, clear and well argued book that everyone should read while they can.
review 2: A Wow. What a great book. Depressing, but interesting, shocking, this is our reality, people. Read it. I almost wished I was reading this for a class, and that each week I could talk with people. Instead, I settled for telling good friends, "You MUST read this book." Klein goes into great detail in showing us how capitalism doesn't give a f- about the climate and that's why it's destroying our planet. So freaking depressing, but also inspirational to see so much opposition. I learned a ton about stuff I didn't know abt, like some of the really messed up ways of gas extraction (so glad I don't have a car, but too bad we need gas for everything these das....sigh). It makes me loathe the gas companies even more for the complete disregard they have for the environment - profit comes first. Powerful awesome book - read it! less
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Everyone should read this. Terrifying and Undeniable. Changed my life.
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