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Stuff Parisians Like: Discovering The Quoi In The Je Ne Sais Quoi (2011)

by Olivier Magny(Favorite Author)
3.51 of 5 Votes: 5
0425241181 (ISBN13: 9780425241189)
Berkley Trade
review 1: Clever and fun little book that at once manages to poke fun at being Parisian and show tremendous pride in it. I think I am a Parisian at heart---I have difficulty with fun, I wear black and navy blue, I like calling people fun political names, I like a lot of salt on my food,I like the Dalai Lama, I am a depressed girl who is somewhat brilliant, I like making lists, I long to be a graduate of Le Grandes Ecoles, I live in my jeans, and have lots of old friends. I think I can now spot a Parisian a few miles away. A bientot! A gift from a friend I hope will travel with me.
review 2: That this book started off life as a blog is immediately evident from the start, but it's smart, right on point, and easy to enjoy. This would be the sort of book I'd gift to a frien
... mored as it's much more a pick up and flip through thing than read cover to cover novel. However it captures perfectly what Parisians are expected to be like along with what they are, and so short of going to and living in Paris, this book calls it exactly as it is. Only a true Parisian could have written something like this. less
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soooo funny yet soooo true!!! un petit traité de philosophie sur les parisiens... du pur bonheur!
Quick goofy read made all the better if you have been to Paris and spent time there.
Found this book in the travel section at the library. It's really funny.
Not overly deep but certainly informative, and at times, entertaining.
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