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Perfectly Percy (2013)

by Paul Schmid(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 1
0061804363 (ISBN13: 9780061804366)
Harper Collins
review 1: Little Percy loves balloons, but because he is a porcupine, balloons do not love him back. Resourceful and independent-minded, Percy tries several solutions that don't work out; his big sister isn't really able to help either. In the end, it's Percy who comes up with a fix. Endearingly understated with a clever premise, delightful pictures, and a good message about self-reliance and problem-solving. 3 yrs and up.
review 2: Percy the porcupine has a problem. His favorite thing in the world is balloons. You can probably guess what the problem is: "But happy little porcupines with balloons are soon SAD little porcupines." This book is simple enough for story time, but still has a lot of depth and is all about perseverance and problem-solving. Plus, the illus
... moretrations are adorable! (Author/illustrator Paul Schmid is from Seattle.) less
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Very sweet. The drawings are light and warm, and the book shows problem-solving in action.
Another sweet, simple winner from Paul Schmid, author of the Petunia books.
Really like how Percy ends up solving his own problem.
One among many; a book about porcupines with balloons.
So cute and adorable!
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