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Lightpoints (2013)

by Peter Kassan(Favorite Author)
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1612356087 (ISBN13: 9781612356082)
Melange Books, LLC
review 1: **3.5 Stars**Lightpoints is an intriguing look at how differently people react to, view and use a 'talent' given to them following a Near Death Experience (NDE). The majority of the cast of characters has experienced an NDE, and an Out-of-Body Experience as well. Once revived, they can perceive, or 'sense' the energy, or lightpoints, of everyone around them. As this sense is explored, they discover they can also give and take energy.Mr. Kassan spins many threads in this story, but not all are woven together. We are introduced to several characters and groups of characters who have the sense. I can only surmise these characters' significance was to reinforce the differences in how people of varying circumstances, be it social, religious, etc., handle having this ability. Of... more course, Mr. Kassan may also intend on giving these characters their own stories - I rather hope he does. However, Lightpoints revolves mainly around Amanda Nichols and her husband, Chris, and Carlos Herrera. It is through the telling and the intersecting of their stories that Mr. Kassan illustrates the disparity between humans with this ability.The sense, as I said, is the ability to perceive the energy emitted by a human. Through this sense, a person can identify much about other people, such as whether a person is cheerful or agitated. Once the sense is honed, they can even sense a person's nature. It seems as though a person's use of their sense is dependent upon their moral compass. Amanda, for instance, explores her sense gradually, and uses it to accomplish good. Carlos Herrera, on the other hand, only seeks ways to use it for personal gain.Amanda is an incredibly strong and resilient young woman. It was fascinating to watch as she navigated life with her new sense. It was also fulfilling to see she and Chris connect on a completely different level, once they both are sensitives. She had begun to withdraw from him and couldn't share her new ability. However, things decline rapidly when Herrera finds them. He's out to collect sensitives, trying to create a way to use the sense against his enemies.Lightpoints is a very cerebral read. There is some action and suspense, especially towards the end, but it's not a book that had my heart pounding. However, I was so intrigued by the notion of this sense and the power it encompassed, I was captivated. Lightpoints is very well written and beautifully rendered. My only real concerns are that I would have liked to have had the multiple threads woven together, and although I understand Amanda's actions at the end of the book, I felt her actions didn't quite mesh with her nature. Perhaps Mr. Kassan was making the point that despite being a good person, one never knows what they're capable of until tested by dire circumstances.As I'm writing this review, I continue to wonder about Amanda, Lisa and their support group of friends, as well as other characters introduced. I do hope this isn't the end of the line. If it is, Mr. Kassan has certainly provided an interesting topic to ponder.
review 2: After experiencing a near-death experience (NDE) Amanda can sense people's energies. Now, she doesn’t feel like herself anymore, life seems different as well as everyone around her. After meeting with a support group she meets Lisa and somehow she starts to feel back on her track.This book has a mix of topics, being NDE the first one and the different consequences it may have on people. Also I think is a book about the kind of person we can be if we were given an extraordinary ability. So you could say that is a book a story about good and evil somehow.The book intercalates Amanda’s story and a few others too. This is great because we get to see what other around the world do with the same ability as her. The author writes with simple words, the explanations are easy to understand and the descriptions are good enough to let us picture the world as the characters see it. Amanda and Chris are nice characters, I think you can get to know who they are and also we can learn thing from their past (at least how they met). However, I didn’t like some of the choices they made but mainly because the arguments for them were not valid. And besides Chris seems younger than her even though he is not. After reading the blurb I was expecting more action. I kept turning the pages, waiting for the paths of Amanda and dangerous people came to a common point but it came to late for me. The book lacks of more action; I would have enjoyed more danger or more encounters with risky situations.Overall, Lightpoints is a fast book because is easy to read and quite engaging. If you like this topic you should give it a go.*** I received a copy from the author in exchange of an honest review. *** less
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This was a fun and unique paranormal adventure! Full review will be posted tomorrow!
I really liked the premise, but all the side stories were kind of jarring.
Review coming soon.
Not Finished :(
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