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Underground America: Narratives Of Undocumented Lives (Voice Of Witness) (2008)

by Peter Orner(Favorite Author)
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1934781150 (ISBN13: 9781934781159)
review 1: This book does what all great books do: it challenges what you think you know, and teaches you to think more expansively. And like all great characters, the people whose oral histories are collected in this book erase stereotypes, even when they act stereotypically. Read this book to remind yourself how little you really know about anyone else's life experience, even those close to you, the ones you see every day. Read it to increase the complexity of your thinking about the issue of undocumented immigrants, and your awareness of and compassion for those for whom those words are a reality. Finally, pass it on. Share one of the narratives with your family, your students, your friends. Increase complexity and compassion all around you.
review 2: This I think, is
... moreone of theist important documentations that we have as to how things are really going for immigrants. It is the duty o the American government to help, not hinder. Many individuals who are against immigration should understand why these immigrants have left their countries. Having read the reasons why and the grotesque treatment of what these people went through, why does America have to be the same way? They are humans with rights as well. What gives this government the right to deny them? Or treat them the same as dirt? less
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I had to put this book down for a while. It's a little too close to home.
I had to absorb this one in small segments, but what an eye-opener!
Sobering. Interesting series, I'd like to check out more.
Like the book Tortilla Curtain, except good.
21st century follow-up to The Jungle.
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