Past the 10kg milestone – steady as she goes!

Week 20 or roughly 4 1/2 months in and we’ve been losing about 0.5kg a week.  This makes me happy as it’s sustainable to me as we are still living the Life of Reilly on the weekends and eat normally on Non-Fasting Days (NFD) more or less.

This week was hard. I have become used to travel for a day or two and maintain both 5/2 and 16:8.  This week however I was away from early Monday to very late Thursday travelling to the head office.  It’s hard to find things you can take inter-state due to strict quarantine laws.  I failed at 16:8 right away and eat as normal all Monday.  Tuesday fasting started off well but I sat under the cooling vent in the meeting room and by 10am I was shaking with cold and broke my fast – I did stick to my calories. Wednesday we had a team dinner and I eat like a pig. Thursday I made it on less than 250 calories which I was impressed with as it’s hard to be around people eating normally.

This weeks weigh in made me very happy as we both made it past the 10kg weight loss milestone.

So this weeks weigh-in:

  • Me down 1.7kg
  • Him down 0.5kg

Total loss table:

Weight Body fat Neck Chest Belly Bum
  Kg % Cm Cm Cm Cm
Him 10.2 15.6 1.5 3 18  N/a
Me 11.1 15.1 5 3 14 8
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