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The Anti-Romantic Child LP: A Story Of Unexpected Joy (2011)

by Priscilla Gilman(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 5
006172016X (ISBN13: 9780061720161)
review 1: I suspect that most of us enter parenthood with subconscious expectations and even assumptions about how our children will be and what our relationship with them will be. This author and her husband were not given what they expected, but rather than expecting their son to become what they needed, they struggled and succeeded in becoming the parents (and advocates) he needed. The author recounts that long and very creative and ultimately rewarding process. This is a beautiful true story which would benefit many parents to read, even if their children do not face similar challenges to Benjamin. You may not find that your child is the perfect or the typical one you dreamt of, but you may well discover what a unique, fascinating and treasure that chil... mored is.
review 2: I can’t say that I didn’t like the book. Then again I can’t say that I did like the book. I just didn’t connect with it. It is not often that I come across a book that I just don’t get but this was one of them. I felt like she wrote about all the emotions she felt, but I didn’t feel them jumping out of the book. Maybe it’s because I didn’t understand her.I believe everyone has romantic notions when it comes to having children. We all want to “do it better” than our parents did. We want to be our children’s best mom. Be their best dad. Be their advocate in everything that they do. Though I felt like Gilman had a larger than normal set of expectations in what motherhood was going to be like. Babies are babies. They are all going to cry, poop, and spit up. There is nothing “romantic” about that!On another note; it honestly made me feel a little dumb with all those poetry inserts that I almost wanted to gag. I didn’t get it and found myself just skipping over every single poem she quoted. I understand that in her life she had a huge connection to Wordsworth but I could not relate with comparing every little thing in life to a poem.This memoir is about two upper-class people going to posh colleges with posh life styles. Both of them getting stellar education at Yale University in English yet having a child who has hyperlexia. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a special needs child. I have 3 beautiful children with no emotional, social or educational problems and I can only imagine the heartbreak, toil and hardship that she has gone through parenting little Benj. My heart truly goes out to her and wishes her the best in the life to come.I hate to give books low grades because I know that the authors work really hard on making it their best work. I just don’t know who I would recommend this book to, probably no one. less
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This book really captured the emotional experience of a parent of a child with special needs.
What great insight into children with special needs and parenting them.!
Very good book written by a mother of a "special" child.
Looking forward to reading this! ~Review to follow~
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