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Hiroshima In The Morning (2010)

by Rahna Reiko Rizzuto(Favorite Author)
3.06 of 5 Votes: 5
1558616675 (ISBN13: 9781558616677)
The Feminist Press at CUNY
review 1: This book had so much potential to be a truly fantastic commentary on so many issues, the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, the survivor's stories, being a mother and wife when it is not what you envisioned for yourself... However, the writing was particularly abstract and did not have a good flow. I often felt I was wandering with the author's thoughts, wanting more of an idea she mentioned in passing and never fully developed. In addition, the America bashing was not appreciated. This author lives in New York and is able to live the life of her choice in a city that offers a great deal to her and she has the audacity to continually criticize her own country for an act that occurred before she was ever born and never once bothers to discuss the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the ... moreloss of her own people as a part of this same war.
review 2: This book would have been exceptional if the author was a better writer. Now, that sounds ridiculous and like it could be said for practically any book. However, I felt like there was something very impressive that the author almost understood, that she almost expressed, but that it was just beyond her reach. She touched on it but was unable to really explore it. Unfortunately, when she falls short she often sounds petulant. Her voice can come off as blindly overconfident. less
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Beautiful book, even more powerful due to the recent nuclear disater in Japan.
I will finish this one day. But not right now.
Scattered, self impressed and annoying.
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