Power down to Power up

By Conner Farrell–

Nowadays, its extremely to not encounter a screen with information on it for more than hour whether that be from a television, computer, and especially a mobile device.

An article released in 2016 by CNN shows that Americans spend on average more than 10 hours per day devoted to screen time.

This is not very hard for me to believe, I feel like in today’s world people sometimes just hop from screen to screen. At work people will be working on a computer, next for their break they will get caught up with their phone, and to relax after said day of work they will be watching TV or surfing the web.

Personally, I feel like this is how many people go about their day because I know that is sometimes how my day goes.

I think it is an essential for people to step away from their devices and screens for points in their day.

It can be overbearing staring a screen all day for your eyes, especially if they are not getting any rest until night time. This will obviously cause your eyes to strain, I have noticed that even just taking 30 minute break after staring a screen is beneficial.

The process of information can sometimes be overbearing as well. Much of the time spent on mobile devices may be devoted to social media. Social media throws so much information at a user that is difficult to sort out what is important such as news and posts from close friends than what is not.

I think it’s very important for people to decrease that 10 hours of screen time. Having a face-to-face interaction with someone or just stepping away and relaxing without entertainment is just needed.

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