Bad Blood is quite a poisonous revelation

I read Bad Blood by Will Storr and I was captivated right away. In the beginning he writes about Alexander Litvinenko, a Russian rebel that was poisoned with radioactive poison. Assassins one way or another managed to put poison into the tea that Litvinenko ordered at a bar and he later died. When I think of a weapon, instantly in my mind I see things like a gun or a knife but never have I thought that it is used by a killer as some form of weapon and this is exactly what Storr writes about.

Will Storr is renowned writer and journalist. He has received many awards for his astounding work. According to Storr’s website, “He has been named New Journalist of the Year and Feature Writer of the Year, and has won a National Press Club award for excellence.” Although his books are well recognized, not much of Storr’s personal life is known.

Bad Blood is a very interesting and also important feature piece. It speaks about the things that are not normally spoken about. The writer takes his time as he treads through facts as well as Litvinenko’s experience. The feature is well written and quite revealing about Russia’s poisoning habits and speaks openly about Russian president, Vladimir Putin’s involvement.

This is not just any piece of work it gives insight to some of the things that is going on in Russia especially the fact that poison is being used to kill people (if seen a threat) without leaving a trace. Bad Blood is unique for many reasons including the thorough investigative work done by Storr and because he could support the facts of which he writes about.

As a young journalist I felt so inspired after reading Bad Blood that I now consider to follow in the deep investigative footsteps of Storr. Bad Blood is eye opening and it gave me a new perception of the world.

Bad Blood sheds light on the continuous and silent unlawful activity that is going on in Russia and I hope to read more revelations like these in the future.



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