Book Review – Destined: a novel of the Tarot By Gail Cleare.

3 out of 5 stars

I would like to thank the author Gail Cleare for providing me with a free electronic ARC of this book in exchange for an open and honest review. I approached her via a book reviewing newsletter I get so no sneaky deals done. Just me simply wanting to read a book as it looked interesting.

Okay, so I will say I felt ‘Destined: a novel of the Tarot’ was going to be a lot different than it was. Like other reviews I’ve read, I was thinking it would be more an urban fantasy romance mystery than the… ‘women’s fiction’ it turned out to be. But hey, I read it, enjoyed it to some extent and so am not disappointed I requested or read it.

But, yeah, if you were looking for something with a plot, mystery, adventure – don’t read this book. It is more a constant rambling journey of someone thinking out loud as they find themselves. It’s more about love, life, learning how to be who you are and all in all – that girly affirmation stuff we sometimes need to read to help us reconnect with who we truly are.

So, if you can’t tell yet, I have mixed feelings on ‘Destined: a novel of the Tarot’. It wasn’t what I had hoped and expected… but it was an entertaining, feel good, brain fairy floss book type book I enjoyed all the same.

I will admit to being a bit annoyed by the inconsistencies of belief. One moment the main character is in touch with people, their auras, spirits, etc… the next she is saying she has no true belief. Meditates and knows about her chakra, then later on needs to have it all explained to her.

But, other than that, it was still a feel good book suited to my eco green hippy Pagan ways. Those who have left bad reviews for this book simply didn’t get it. They expected something and closed their minds off to all other options. I expected something different than what the book is, but enjoyed the rambling, plotless, feel good journey all the same.

‘Destined: a story of the Tarot’ to me was like a fictional story of the perfect world, people and friends – there to help create a positive affirmation of life. Telling the reader that this sort of thing may indeed be possible and, if not, hopefully the read was at least entertaining. Mind you, I read this mostly while listening to my new downloaded album of ‘Zen Meditation’ music so maybe I just found the blend of the two worked well together and allowed me to enjoy what was there rather than get annoyed that it wasn’t what I had wanted?

Oh, and although I didn’t use my Tarot while reading this book – I do indeed own a deck (rune stones too) and with some pretty major things happening in my life right now I feel ‘Destined: a novel of the Tarot’ has really helped reinforce my belief and need in using these tools to help find guidance from within myself. A shove in a direction I haven’t been for a while. So, although no Tarot cards were touched during the reading of this book, I can see myself grabbing my deck soon to ask a few important questions and seek guidance.