Two brothers, two men and 1 fight!

Yesterday, I was so proud and so sad when I watched the video of two men that had Prostate Cancer. One of them detected it early and will live. The other, unfortunately, didn’t and he passed away.

Those two brave men are Bret and Smith Hart.

Smith Hart passed away July 2nd from prostate cancer. His final hope was that men will get themselves checked regularly (and women for their related cancers) and have a better outcome than himself.

My father had prostate cancer 10 years ago. He was one of the lucky ones. It was found early, like Bret’s. I’m very happy to have shared the past 10 years with him and am looking forward to many more.

This feeling is probably similar to that ofJade, Dallas, Alex, and Blade Hart. But, I’m thinking about Smith’s children and it’s breaking my heart.

Cancer is a scary word. I heard it again, in September 2016, when my better half was diagnostic with throat cancer (he is not a smoker by the way). It was devastating, crushing, and so frightening!

Today, I can say that he has kicked cancer behind in him a big way and all because he caught it early. With the surgery and his treatments, he is in remission now. No more malignant tumour in his body. He has regained his strength and his health. Again, early detection was his saviour.

He was and still is my hero, like everyone including my father, Bret, and many more, that have bravely faced this disease.

In the video I will share with you, you will see the story of the two men I mentioned earlier on.

Bret and Smith Hart video

I’m proudly sharing this story with you and hope you will share it too. Let’s all save lives the best we can.

I’m so proud of Bret for being a spokesperson for the Movember Canada Foundation and keeping up the good fight.

Let’s join him and let’s stop men dying too young!





Prostate Cancer Canada website

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