What I would do if I was starting over

If I had to start all over again, here is how I’d do it:

The first thing I would do is, get a job.

While this might sound completely weird to you because my purpose is to build an online business, but if you I don’t have money to a) pay my bills, and b) invest in my business, I am not able to build any business.

And this might be a job that is in sales (earning a commission for every sale), because by having a sales job I am able to control how much I wanna earn.

Beside that, I would also be able to learn how to sell.

The next thing I would do is to study and applying things like:

– How to build an opt in page
– How to use an Autoresponder
– All about Follow up series and Broadcasts
– Learning how to use Facebook Ads
– Copywriting for my ads and my emails
– How to presell to your audience

The next step I would take is to determine my market, and then figure out what niche I wanna tap into.

Based on that, I would create a customer avatar and then an attractive character.

Then I would start using Facebook Ads to build my email list.

And finally I would use my email list to sell them affiliate offers, and later on I would start creating my own products and services.

That’s pretty much how I would do it, if I had to start all over again.

People who struggle for a very long time, and I’d been no difference before, they know exactly deep in themselves what they have to do, but they are not able to do the things that are required to be done.

And that ultimately leads them on the “Trial and Error” path.


Source: http://www.christiangaspertv.com/what-i-would-do-if-i-was-starting-over/

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