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A Time To Betray: The Astonishing Double Life Of A CIA Agent Inside The Revolutionary Guards Of Iran (2010)

by Reza Kahlili(Favorite Author)
4.11 of 5 Votes: 4
143918903X (ISBN13: 9781439189030)
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review 1: This book made me realize how little I knew about Iran and Iraq during the war. The book started a little slowly but I enjoyed reading it and was amazed to find the kinds of things that were going on during a time I remember we'll. Although some reviewers thought the details did not seem true, I did not feel that way. It's possible as with many memoirs that not every detail is remembered exactly as it happened. Sometimes things are condensed or consolidated and this is probably the case. I liked very much Reza's description of his ambivalence about betraying his country and his frustration with not being able to make a very big difference despite the great risks he took.
review 2: First the positive. I learned something about the Iranian Revolution and its afte
... morermath. Then the negative. The book needed editing it didn't get, and more disturbingly, I found myself questioning the veracity of the telling too often. (Ex., Kahlili happened to be at the notorious prison just as the younger sister of his best friend was paraded by and executed; three friends symbolized the three factions warring with one another a little too perfectly). It read more like a novel than a memoir. I will say I was interested enough to go looking for a less sensational account of Iran's sad history. less
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Parts of the book were disturbing. Well written, easy to read, rich.
amazing. a great book on the puppet master of WW III
Enjoyed this book!
Highly recommend!
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