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Blackboard Blunders: Spelling Slip-ups And Homework Howlers (2009)

by Richard Benson(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 4
1840247126 (ISBN13: 9781840247121)
review 1: I really only got this because I was baffled that our library system ordered it since I didn't think books about kids' spelling/grammar/whatever errors were cool anymore. Turns out it's also British, so I really, really have to wonder who's going to grab it from our library and laugh so hard about a child writing "chaffage" instead of "chaffinch." I'm not saying I wasn't amused by any of the examples, but it sure was a weird choice!
review 2: Essentially a collection of spelling errors made by children that you can read and feel smug and laugh at them because they don't have as good a grasp of spelling as you do. I got bought this because I'm a teacher but I have to be honest, there's some genuinely funny things in it:"The best dinner is spagete bolonase. Its m
... moreain ingredents are pasta, sause and minge meat."Heh heh. Minge meat. Like from a lady's part.That's pretty much the level of the book. I enjoyed it. less
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Funny as! A quick read and good fun. A good antidote to the news.
A very good choice for a quick light hearted flick.
A hilarious must-read for all early years teachers.
HAHAHAHA. Oh my gosh, this book is A+ :))
giggles galore
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