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Coming Out To Play (2014)

by Robbie Rogers(Favorite Author)
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014312661X (ISBN13: 9780143126614)
Penguin Books
review 1: While this might not be the most amazing book I have ever read, it definitely touched me in a way I didn't think it would. As an avid fan of the Columbus Crew, I followed much of Robbie Roger's professional career, and I have to say, reading this books made my heart ache for him. It's one of those things - when you love your team so much, each team member feels like a person you know, whether or not you have had the honor of meeting him. I remember after he left the Crew, keeping track of him in England, and then reading the fateful letter he tweeted. However, reading this I really got to know Robbie and his struggles off the field and how it affected his ability to play on the field. His story is one that he needed to tell to be able to become who he is and I applaud this... more book.
review 2: My star rating on this is pretty meaningless considering how I don't feel I can really rate a book where someone is just talking about his life and struggles. Robbie Rogers is a soccer player, not a writer, so I didn't expect this to be some beautifully written book. It's simply him sharing what he had gone through and I am glad he did.I knew coming out had been difficult for him, but actually reading him explain it all in depth was heartbreaking. He suffered so much having to hide who he is. I am so glad he seems to have found happiness and could return to soccer while also sharing his story. This book is important in helping others understand how damaging a homophobic sports culture can be and how easily you can hurt another person without knowing it. less
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Loved it! Such an amazing example and one of my heroes.
Received from Penguin's First to Read.
great story out of the closet
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