Review: The Chocolate Comeback

Title: The Chocolate Comeback
Author: Roxanne Snopek
Series: Love at the Chocolate Shop #7
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short novel
Available: 6th April

Fame, fortune and fashion: that’s aspiring model Deirdre Cash’s ideal life. But when her splashy New York career dries up, she swallows her pride and returns to Marietta, Montana, desperate for any work she can find.

Isaac Litton doesn’t want the intrusion of a home care aide for his brother, Mark. But when the young man takes a shine to DeeDee, Isaac decides to give her a chance. He can’t help but be impressed when DeeDee changes his brother’s life around, by rewarding his healthy habits and exercising with treats from the Copper Mountain Chocolate Shop. Gorgeous and opinionated, DeeDee stirs everything up in the Litton household, including an attraction that Isaac can’t deny.

As DeeDee and Isaac start to fall for each other, an unexpected opportunity arises that could launch DeeDee back into the modeling scene. It’s her chance to achieve everything she’s ever wanted. But taking it would mean letting down her friends at the chocolate shop, her family who believes in her, a boy who adores her, and a man who thinks she’s already perfect, just the way she is.

Source: ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley

This book was such a delight to read. Not just because of the way DeeDee softens and changes throughout it, or the way Isaac slowly changes his view of many things, but because of Mark. He’s such a great, positive representation of Down’s syndrome and, to be honest, his relationship with DeeDee was even more enjoyable to read than the romance between her and Isaac.

DeeDee might not have any experience in much of anything – outside of serving coffee and modelling – but the way she connected with Mark and instantly started to fight for him was amazing. She doesn’t even have to change her whole personality in order to become a better person. In fact, she doesn’t change too much at all, but she treats Mark as a human being and he responds. The friendship between them was great – funny and touching and delightful. I loved them together.

Despite Isaac seeming like the better person on paper – his success was driven by his need to care for his mother and brother, he instantly accepted Mark into his house and changed his whole life for him in order to let his mother enjoy her freedom after caring for Mark for so long – he’s also the one who has the most to learn. Not just because of the way he judges DeeDee on her looks and the way she dresses, but also how he sees Mark and the way he treats him. Luckily for him, Mark is eternally forgiving and despite her sometimes abrasive qualities, DeeDee is on his side too.

The scenes where the three of them manage to bond are lovely, and the way Isaac slowly comes to appreciate the two most important people in his life in new ways was great to read too.

Okay, if I’m honest, perhaps the way DeeDee lands in Mark and Isaac’s lives and seems to fit so perfectly without any real knowledge or training in Mark’s needs may be a touch too perfect. I also would have liked more about the troubles DeeDee has with people in Marietta. She really wasn’t the nicest person growing up and there’s obviously still plenty of friction around, but it mostly gets brushed aside because of everything else going on.

Away from that, this was a lovely read. The romance is sweet and slow, but this is as much about building a family as chemistry and attraction. There is some sadness, yet on the whole it’s positive and upbeat and pure enjoyment, with chocolate and Marietta and family to make everything better. In all, it’s another great addition to this charming series and I look forward to seeing who is up next.

The Chocolate Comeback is out April 6th.
Visit Roxanne Snopek for more details.

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