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Damn Few: Making The Modern SEAL Warrior (2013)

by Rorke Denver(Favorite Author)
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1401324797 (ISBN13: 9781401324797)
review 1: I am putting this book as 'read' on my bookshelf. It was a book I gave to my husband, who is a veteran. Not known as an avid reader, he was reading this book in 3 weeks ! When I asked him, how to rate it, he told me give it 4 or 5 stars. It must have been one of the 'damn few' books, he considered worth reading. He relived every event in it, I could guess. Thanks for writing your tours of duty as a book down, Rorke Denver.
review 2: An excellent book about the making of a Navy Seal. The training and what it takes just to get accepted into the program in the first place. He also goes into the amount of time once they have made it through the first phase that there is so much more. Then once they are assign to a team there is more training for now you need to get
... more to know how each one works together. This again means long periods of time away from family weather you are married or not. He does explain that this phase would be most difficult to be married. He joined and made it on to the Seals before 9/11, and he speaks to his frustration as being somewhere else when other teams were being deployed. They had their mission to do. His account of when they are deployed are a little different from some of the other Navy Seal books in that he is an officer. So he is looking at a mission from not only radios, back up batteries, plenty of water, ammo, call signs for air strikes if needed and so much more. Even the mental health of the team as a whole, for at times they could be out over 24 hours. Then even if they were back just for a few hours and some unit was in need they would go back out. They would clean weapons, debrief, refuel, and repack all gear before going to bed. This was part of their training as well. He also spoke of hearing about two Seals losing their lives from two different teams. One of them was Petty Officer, Master-St-Arm, Second Class Mike Monsoor, who on Sep 29, 2006 through himself onto a grenade where group of Seals and Marines were. I read a story about this from one of the men that was there and it moved then as when I read now as with his memorial service. His story is a good read for it is a look at what an officer of a team and the responsibilities he has. He talks about his marriage and how they make everything work. And he speaks of him being an instructor back at San Diego, training new Seals and how that is not so much of a problem as with politicians wanting to make it easier so they can have more seals but at what sacrifice. He also goes into how he decided to do that movie Acts Of Valor, it took him awhile to come to that decision. Overall I really like this book. I got this book from net galley. less
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A real page turner--great stories.
surprisingly good
Awesome book!
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