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Pompomberry House (2012)

by Rosen Trevithick(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 3
1781765928 (ISBN13: 9781781765920)
Kernow-Isca Publications
review 1: Pom pom berry house is the story of a writers retreat. Dee Whittaker thought this would be the perfect place to take her mind off her marital troubles. However she meets five of the worst writers to ever have mastered the qwerty keyboard and her problems only multiply things get worse when the handy man turns up dead. After fleeing the island and trying to get her life back on track . She begins to notice something strange going on. The stories that were written on the island are coming true. I loved this story the humour, twists and turns leaving you not quite sure what would happen next . I look forward to reading more books by Rosen Trevithick
review 2: I think this book could best be described as a light-hearted black comedy, both amusing and entertaining
... moreand an easy read. The story, which is completely unbelievable, concerns six self-publishing "indie" authors, five of whom are extremely O.T.T. and all of whom are obsessed with how high their books are in the Amazon top 100 chart. There are also a lot of references to Kindles and I can't decide whether the author approves of them or not but, for the record, I read it on my Kindle. less
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A marvelously satyrical look at the world of indie publishing. Funny and enormous fun to read.
Cozy Cornish mystery: so far-soothing
Review coming soon.
This is my book!
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