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America By Heart Unabridged CD (2010)

by Sarah Palin(Favorite Author)
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0062026917 (ISBN13: 9780062026910)
review 1: People tend to misjudge political figures, such as Sarah Palin herself, and think that their lives consume of travelling around the country to make speeches and appear on national T.V. for debates. But, what Americans don't realize is they're human beings, just like everyone else. Most of them, if not all of them, have families and go through life's constant struggles that we all go through.Sarah Palin did an excellent job showing that in this book she wrote. Being an Alaskan native, Palin has a husband, children, and even grandchildren, and she made it clear through her writing that her family mean everything to her. Even though she didn't win the election to be Vice President, Palin hasn't lost sight of her true values and what this country means to her.Reading the title... more and who it's written by, people will most likely not want to read it. I, for one, wasn't sure about reading it if it was going to be only about her political career. But, I can guarantee that even if you don't like reading about politics, this book will still be an excellent choice for you to read. You will have the opportunity to see the United States through someone else's eyes, but you will also have the chance to see life in a whole new perspective.
review 2: Please allow me to open this review with an account of something that happened here on Goodreads. On a discussion thread someone posted something insulting/degrading about Christ. I said nothing. As the discussion went on however another person asked why the poster had been personally insulting not only to Christians but about Christ. At this point I did answer that it was because people had come to expect that Christians would "suck it up" when we are insulted. I did say to the "insulter" that he/she might consider whether they would say the same type thing to worshipers in other faiths, Islam for instance. His response to me? It was short. He called me a racist. When I pointed out that there are Islamics of all races he simply responded that I was, "still a racist". At this point I saw what I was dealing with. The charge can simply be assumed about anyone who's a Christian or politically conservative. (By the way I've posted no picture of myself nor mentioned what my race is. i guess he/she could/can "just tell".)So, what does that have to do with this book? I am constantly astounded at the level of hate I run into against Sarah Palin. The very mention of her name can cause supposedly sane human beings to begin to foam at the mouth and shoot steam from their ears. Now, while there are times in this volume that I disagreed with her even times I shook my head and thought her quite incorrect, on the whole I do agree with most of her stances. I find that what she says is largely simply straight from the shoulder common sense. Whenever she opens her mouth in the press there is a chorus of voices attempting to shout her down, scream how ill informed she is, how she "lacks intelligence". When she pointed out that the health bill had "death panels" in it there were shrieks...except it not only did have a form of death panel, it still does. By the same token when Nancy Pelosi said we'd needed to, "pass the bill to see what was in it". No one in the mainstream press raised an eyebrow... Which was the more ludicrous statement?This book is just what the title says. It's reflections on America. What is the make-up, the background the heart of our country...and it's people. I found it mostly very interesting however there are parts where her "view through the eyes" of a mother and a grandmother tends to overwhelm the point she's making. While I raised 2 children and love them dearly Ms. Palin makes the point herself in the book...most of us/I can't quite identify as much in the reminiscences she has about her own beloved children and grand child. So while I applaud her and her feelings...those parts of the book I found a bit slow. Maybe moms and grandmoms won't so much...So, I like the book, I like the lady and I find her quite intelligent (even if you don't want to believe it she functioned as governor of our largest and one of our most prosperous states). While I disagree with her occasionally I think (again, on the whole) that she's a sensible levelheaded person... I humbly suggest you try reading the book before you decide you don't like it or you disagree with it.Just a thought. less
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