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My Life, Deleted (2011)

by Scott Bolzan(Favorite Author)
3.4 of 5 Votes: 4
0062025473 (ISBN13: 9780062025470)
review 1: So what would it feel like to awaken from a fall with a splitting headache and no memories at all. The Bolzano recount the ordeals of relearning the world and that aspect of the book is intriguing. However the look at their lives prior to the accident is appalling. Their heroin addicted son becomes a more sympathetic character as you read details of the multi addictions of his parents. A past felony, obesity requiring a stomach band, multiple suits regarding his business, addictions to expensive cars, and expensive watches and by both to general shopping. Mr bolzano has a lot in his past that is worth forgetting. And will the necessity to cut back on their life style ( well not too much really) and to restart a working life help the addicted son? We don't ... moreknow.
review 2: I am not a huge fan of non fiction however this book didn't really feel like how I'm used to a non fiction book to be. Some parts were boring and tedious but I got through it. Having a knowledge of who Joan is and having met her personally long before the accident I do have empathy for them. Think about it this way they built this life style, they weren't handed it. Scott was the bread winner. All of a sudden the main bread winner who was able to make the money for those cars, and yachts no longer is able to make that money. How would you feel about making that money appear? How would you have to change your life style to accommodate your significant other who doesn't even recognize you. While others may struggle daily with financial security this family built it and then this accident happened and changed their lives. They kept thinking that Scott's memory would return which I would think is why it would be difficult to think that he wouldn't ever make that money again. Once it became realized I'm sure Joan and Scott needed to figure out how they were going to make ends meet. less
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Interesting and an inspirational story. Can't even imagine all they have gone through
Interesting story. Written much like a journal. Drags on a bit and feels repetitive.
Could happen to any of us!
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