Song-A-Day #6: “Little Black Dress”

Yesterday, I talked about a little musical I wrote called Final Words which had its professional debut in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2016.  The second song I’d like to present is called “Little Black Dress”.

The melodic idea for this song popped into my head one more as I was about to dash out the door to head overseas on a family trip.  We had packed our bags and we literally locking up the house when this bit of inspiration hit me:

So, on the flight over, I began working on the lyrics for the rest of the song, using the rhyme and metre that had dropped into my head!  The song pretty much wrote itself on the plane!

The tension of the song comes from the call-and-response nature of the verses where Louise is singing about the affair she had with the deceased, while his wife bounces back her retorts.

It all comes to a head in the last verse of the song:

You don’t know what you’ve got ’til what you’ve got’s through
But I’m gonna miss him, maybe more so that you
Wish I could say that I was sad for your loss
But that’s hardly true ’cause you’ve been screwing the boss!

But the kicker is in final Madeline’s retort:

But now the secret’s out, there’s more to confess
I’m better looking (and guess what else is cooking!)
I’m better looking in a little black dress

So, please enjoy “Little Black Dress” as sung by Karen Toranto and Amelia Hunter.

Until tomorrow,


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