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Wahoo Rhapsody (2011)

by Shaun Morey(Favorite Author)
3.4 of 5 Votes: 5
1935597876 (ISBN13: 9781935597872)
An Atticus Fish Novel
review 1: This is the first Atticus Fish novel I've read and I don't think I'll read any more. It was fun and I know it was suppose to be fun, but it's so off the hook as far as real life; it's like a cartoon. A 7th grader or 8th grader would enjoy this (except for the sexual references). There was just too much going on and only two characters had any brains at all and of course, that was Atticus and Toozie. I would like to read about Atticus solving a crime with a more serious tone, without all the exteranious activity involved that was out of the realm of reality.
review 2: This book is definitely not something I would have picked up to read if I saw it on a shelf in a book store. That being said, I still rather loved it by the time I finished reading it. It helpe
... mored that I was able to meet the author when he came to discuss the work with my creative writing class that I assigned the book to read. I was able to hear his thoughts on writing the novel and his inspiration (as well as do a psuedo-workshop on the first chapters of the sequel). It rounded out my experience with the novel nicely. I have never been fishing, I know nothing about fishing, I have never done drugs, I know nothing about drug smuggling, I have never been to Mexico, and I know nothing about Cabo or Baja or any of the other locations in the novel (save San Diego, I've been there). Yet, after reading this novel, I feel like I know everything there is to know about all of these things. That doesn't mean I'm likely to go deep sea tuna fishing or try to steal from a drug lord named after an song about an insect, but I feel like I could. The book satires a great deal of things from drug smugglers to attorneys. It's humorous and it's an enjoyably quick read. less
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A really good beach/summer read. If you like Hiaasen then you should enjoy this book.
I thought this book was hillarious.
Whimsical and fun
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