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Suck Your Stomach In And Put Some Color On!: What Southern Mamas Tell Their Daughters That The Rest Of Y'all Should Know Too (2008)

by Shellie Rushing Tomlinson(Favorite Author)
3.48 of 5 Votes: 5
0425221342 (ISBN13: 9780425221341)
Berkley Trade
review 1: I liked the quotes from the Southern women from around my neck of the woods. I thought this book would be a lot better than it was. I am from Louisiana and have lots of family down south, so I thought this book would sort of resemble what my family taught me. It was nothing like that. We are not really like that down here. My family talks very openly about lots of things, and this book makes it sound like we are a bunch of prudes. It was also not very funny in my opinion, although it seemed like the author was trying to be funny. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone, unless you want to flip through and read the quotes from people.
review 2: I enjoyed this book on Southern manners and culture. My husband takes frequent business trips to NC and I go along so
... moremetimes. I was so pleasantly surprised by the gracious manners used in that state, (and presumably most of the southern states). It's nice to be in a place where people actually know manners and USE them. There is a lot of good humor in this book and Shellie is kind of a female Jeff Foxworthy. She also has a radio show and a blog.I am not sure I agree with the manners all being southern though. My Mama taught me most of what was in this book, and she lived in the mid-west growing up and had immigrant parents who didn't know a lot of the American manners and ways. Regardless, manners well used bring a graciousness to life that is sorely missing these days. less
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Loved this book. Absolutely the truth about southern mamas and how they raise their children.
Not what I was expecting, but a pleasant surprise. It is a compilation of short stories.
A little light reading in between my Fitzgerald books. I like it.
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