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Mo Dearbadan De (2011)

by S.J. Byrne(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 4
1466235918 (ISBN13: 9781466235915)
review 1: im sorry to say but this book was simply boring to me. not what i am normally into. it started off with a great strong base tine for the story but then it ws a smooth sailing. all the action was right within the first few pages so the rest of the book was flat. pretty much jus reading someones diary from their very relaxing vacation. it to me forever to read it cause of the scottish accent. but i do have to say the writing was awesome. story was well told/written. not a bad book at all just not something that im into.i do not recommend this to anyone. sorry.
review 2: Firstly, I have to say this book was beautifully written. I really liked the two MCs a lot and thought they were realistic characters who I could empathise with. The setting was gorgeous too. I RE
... moreALLY want to visit Scotland now :)I'm used to reading YA, so I found the pace a little slow for my liking and there was also quite a few adult love scenes that I skimmed. That is simply personal preference however and does not make this a bad story.The only other thing I would have changed, was I found the Scottish dialogue slightly hard to read.I would recommend this book to anyway who likes a story filled with romance, beautiful scenery and characters with depth. less
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A deeply moving story of self-discovery forgiveness and healing after domestic violence.
I love the name of this book!
Ok I guess!
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