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The Journals Of Spalding Gray (2011)

by Spalding Gray(Favorite Author)
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0307273458 (ISBN13: 9780307273451)
review 1: Highly recommended for fans of Spalding Gray. Nell Casey has deftly assembled Gray’s journals, notes and tapes and interspersed explanatory passages to provide background and clarify some of Gray’s arcane references. She has also included helpful excerpts from interviews conducted with Kathleen Russo, Elizabeth LeCompte, Willem Dafoe, Eric Begosian, Steven Soderbergh, Jonathan Demme, and Spalding’s brothers Rockwell and Channing. The one disappointment, no fault of Ms. Casey’s, is that Reneé Shafransky did not contribute to ‘The Journals’. Without Ms. Shafransky, Gray’s girlfriend and wife of 14 or so years and she who directed his monologues, produced his films, edited his writing, and guided him, one wonders if Spalding Gray would have risen to the he... moreights he did. I am left hoping that one day Reneé Shafransky writes their story.
review 2: Compulsively readable. Warning: if you are at all even a teensy bit neurotic, while you are reading this, you will become FAR MORE neurotic, over-thinking the smallest things. I had to put this down repeatedly because it was so honest and painful and depression-inducing. But it's also funny and insightful. I am sure some fans of Gray's won't like him any more after reading this; he certainly could be an asshole, and he admits it. But to see what anxiety and confusion were transformed into in his stage art is to be more amazed than ever by his performing ability. Engrossing. less
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I'm not giving it no stars, I just find it difficult to rate this, so I'm not.
Great exploration of his talent but sad, sad, sad!!!
I seem to always give an extra point to non fiction.
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