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Nicolai's Daughters (2012)

by Stella Harvey(Favorite Author)
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1897109970 (ISBN13: 9781897109977)
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review 1: Nicolai`s Daughters is wonderful. I did NOT want it to finish. Please write a sequel! I am so impressed by the realism of the characters, the humane way they are treated, which made me feel very close to them, and by the message of renewal and hope in the story. The past lives in all of us, sometimes in tortuous ways. Facing it can free us, and the entire family. What a strong and meaningful message. I particularly enjoyed the dialogue in the family scenes, which could just as easily be any family that is emotionally warm and engaged with each other. The dialogue is so true to life, I could hear my aunts and cousins speaking the words (albeit with a different accent!). The writing is excellent, almost Hemingwayesque; always true and to the point. The short sentences contra... morest well with the powerful theme. Thank you for this excellent novel which is so human and touching. I highly recommend this book - do yourself a favour and read it soon.
review 2: A fascinating tale, told in two alternating voices. We see Alexa, a Greek-Canadian who knows nothing of her heritage and family ties (nor of a half-sister back in Greece), and her father Nicolai, who becomes estranged from his father and homeland. The story peels back the layers of family history, providing insight into cultures, the pull of blood ties, and the power of shame. At the centre of the plot is a horrifying, historically accurate event that changed the family and village forever. People of Greek extraction (and anyone else) will get a lot of out this book. less
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Good book. Learned a lot about the Greek culture. Enjoyed it a lot.
It didn't live up to my expectations!!
I loved it.
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