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The Ten, Make That Nine, Habits Of Very Organized People. Make That Ten.: The Tweets Of Steve Martin (2012)

by Steve Martin(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 4
1611133599 (ISBN13: 9781611133592)
Hachette Audio
review 1: Of course Steve Martin is a brilliant comic, so it comes as no surprise that he would take so quickly to this new medium called Twitter. I love that he owns up to his mistakes amid the learning process. He also gives credit (once he figures out how!) to tweets from his fans who replied to his funny tweets in kind. A quick read that really could have just been released as an article, but worthwhile.
review 2: Was this the steve martin book to read? Would being on twitter myself help?I am trying to imagine the thrill of being out and having someone's twitter amuse you in line at the bank and then following the witty repartee of the followers...I have read really glowing reviews of steve martin's books. I would call steve martin a 'critic's darling'.Actually, I
... moreknow a few people who this would be an awesome stocking stuffer for, after those reviews I was expecting pathos, or something. less
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This book was great! Short, funny and to the point. I didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I did!
I'm a huge fan, but this wasn't particularly funny, especially for repurposed tweets.
A quick read FULL of laugh out loud funniness.
Short and funny! Just like Steve!
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