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Late For School (2010)

by Steve Martin(Favorite Author)
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0446557021 (ISBN13: 9780446557023)
Grand Central Publishing
review 1: Picture Book ProjectCategory: Picture Book Soak ("Did Not Really Care For")Source: Princess Anne Public LibrarySteve Martin's picture book, Late for School, takes the reader on a young boy's adventure once he wakes up with the realization that he will be late to school. In order to be on time, he rushes out of the house and dodges obstacles in his neighborhood to make it to class at any cost. His urgency causes many of the silly situations he finds himself in along the way. On his hurried way to school, he jumps a fence, nearly lands in a pool, catches a ride on a kite, and ultimately makes it to school with just a few minutes to spare only to find out that it is really Saturday. Through Martin’s trademark humor in the writing and the entertaining illustrations, the ... morereader is able to experience the struggles of waking up on time and being ready for an event – especially through the character’s exaggerated facial expressions. However, most of the sayings seem forced when reading it alone. When combined with the sing-along audio version of the picture book that is combined with Martin’s bluegrass music, the reader can better understand the rhyme scheme. Only when accompanied with the audio version, this picture book can be used in a lyrical poetry lesson to demonstrate how word choice is enhanced through rhyming and rhythm. Teachers can have students describe their own experience of being late to school – everyone has done it at least once before.
review 2: I was a little skeptical about reading a book written by a celebrity, but I'm glad I did. It provided a comic relief to the seriousness of waking up and knowing you're going to be late for something, in this case, school. It's also in song format, so that makes it even more engaging. It tells the story of how the young boy goes through so many obsacles to get to school on time, such as jumping fences, flying on a kite, and dealing with swimming pools. The boy makes it to school in time, but there's a plot twist at the end, there's no school because it's Saturday. It was purely entertaining. less
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Genius rhymes by Steve Martin, and I want all of C.F. Payne's illustrations framed and on my walls.
I love the illustrations, but the rhyming seemed forced and stunted.
New night-before-the-first-day-of-school tradition.
Steve Martin is the best!
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