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T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution: The Story Behind The World's Fastest Growing Church Planting Movement And How It Can Happen In Your Community! (2011)

by Steve Smith(Favorite Author)
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0974756210 (ISBN13: 9780974756219)
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review 1: Excellent treatment of intentional discipleship, evangelism and church planting movements. There is much to be commended in Smith and Kai's "T4T", particularly the practical nuts and bolts of the ever-nebulous "discipling". One theological issue that surfaced for me in reading T4T is the tension between the doing of the Great Commission and the being of the Great Commandment. I think Smith and Kai would agree with me that while the two are complimentary, the Great Commandment must be the Source/resource of the Great Commission. However, T4T focuses entirely on the missional aspect of the Christian life while taking for granted (?) the relational/devotional aspect. Again, both are fundamental components of the Christian Life, but the focus of the method is primarily t... morehe mission. ...In humility.
review 2: I began this book with a degree of skepticism. I had read about church planting movements (CPM), and heard about T4T but didn't think they were relevant for my ministry context. I began the book because my ministry leader gave me a copy and insisted our team read it. Despite such a poor start, I found that the book really resonated with me, affirmed my approach to ministry and challenged me to consider some fine tuning adjustments to increase the possibility that God would use me to build a spiritual movement.The opening example was inspiring, but came from a very different ministry context to mine. I am operating in a suburban, multi-cultural context focusing on young adults. I have yet to hear of a CPM occurring in a context like mine, but as the final chapter encourages us, there only has to be one first one.I liked the overview of how T4T differs from other CPM practices. Even my own movement building missed some of the tips that T4T recommends, and I plan to explore some adaptations.What, specifically, affirmed my own philosophy?1. Begin by mobilising Christians. I think a lot of an initiator's energy can be wasted trying to find non-Christians who will become Christians and then initiate a movement. We have to prioritise working with the most likely.2. It is the responsibility of every Christian to be actively making disciples - sharing their faith and training those who respond to reproduce themselves.3. Training Christians to share their faith begins with one simple, reproducible tool. Our ministry has used the "Knowing God Personally" booklet for decades with continued success.4. Grounding new Christians in their faith requires a short-term discipleship course which covers specific material to help them be sure of their salvation, deal with sin, live in the power of the Holy Spirit, become self-feeders on God's Word, etc.5. Leaders can be developed quickly in movements.What challenged me?1. Am I bold enough and regular enough in sharing my faith? I talk the talk but do I walk the walk.2. Do I ask the accountability questions seriously enough to be taken seriously?3. Am I prepared to pay the price of seeing a real movement begin? less
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AHHHHH - such truth - !! We were all called to disciple, this is the process and what it looks like
This will definitely cause you to think about what makes a discipleship movement. Great reading!
Is a wonderful book about of a effective process to multiply disciples.
So what do I do now?
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