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Moon Sisters (2014)

by Therese Walsh(Favorite Author)
3.61 of 5 Votes: 1
1306474833 (ISBN13: 9781306474832)
Crown Publishing Group (NY)
review 1: Magical book set in a fictional town of West Virignia (as well as nearby bogs). The heart of this novel is two very different sisters Jazz and Olivia Moon, who are reeling from the death of their mother. But I found the deceased mother's relationship with them, and with her own family (both of origin and marriage) filled with the most heart - and heartbreak. So much to love here - the two young women, the train hoppers, the "foolish fires" they chase. There is a twist toward the end that took my breath away. Gorgeously rendered.
review 2: This underwhelming book is about two polar opposite sisters coming to terms with their mother's suicide in different ways. When younger, half-blind Olivia's unpredictable antics pressure her older and more stable sister Jazz t
... moreo follow her around on a fool's errand, the two are forced to confront their feelings about their mother's death and each other.Honestly, I was so completely bored with this book from page one on. The pace is very slow, I didn't feel a connection to any of the characters or places, and the plot is uninteresting. Despite the attempts by the author to make the narrative come off as profound, nothing resonates.The story is told in alternating POVs; most of the chapters begin with one of the sister's recollections about their past, and additionally there are old letters from the mother Beth. This is intended to let you get to know the characters better, but after a couple of chapters I felt like I'd learned all that I needed and these recollections were neither necessary nor compelling. They interrupted the flow of what was already a heavily lacking story.I was also expecting more magical realism. The most magical thing about the story is the fact that Olivia has synesthesia and sees, tastes, smells all kinds of strange things. Did I mention that it was utterly boring?"Moon Sisters" is a decently written but extremely dry and pretentious coming of age story. I could have had a V8. less
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not much my style; I give two stars to anything I finish, but I didn't find it all that good.
It was okay. Nothing unexpected.
almost 5 stars.. good book
What great characters!
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