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Thomas Nagel

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Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature Is Almost Certainly False (2012)
3.51 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: Among many of the so called "Skeptics" and "Free-thinkers", there is little or no skepticism when it comes to their own orthodox naturalistic dogma, the materialistic presuppositions are sacrosanct. If anyone within their camp actually dares to think freely and question any mater...
La mente y el cosmos. Por qué la concepción neo-darwinista materialista de la naturaleza es, casi con certeza, falsa. (2014)
3.27 of 5 Votes: 6
review 1: The "hard problem" of consciousness (Chalmers) enountered in trying to understand what reality is and our place in it, is a fascinating one, too seldom confronted by mainstream scientists. Dr. Nagel's effort is a provocative one, if a little heavy going at times for a civilian l...
Geist und Kosmos: Warum die materialistische neodarwinistische Konzeption der Natur so gut wie sicher falsch ist (German Edition) (2013)
3.52 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: I read this book by Nagel because I am completely drawn to the Neo-Darwinism materialist conception of nature. I wanted to make sure I at least maintained some balance. I found that I don't disagree with Nagel's overarching premise that there is a lot we don't understand and need...
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