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We Learn Nothing (2012)

by Tim Kreider(Favorite Author)
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1439198705 (ISBN13: 9781439198704)
Free Press
review 1: Awash on the great social, political and scientific tides of the last three decades, Kreider's essays remain deeply personal. Relationships trump all "larger" issues and Kreider explores his own with lovers, friends, and family in unsparing clear-eyed detail leavened by a dose of self-deprecating humor. How does one deal with broken love affairs? No-good friends? A psychotic criminal uncle? A friend who changes gender? A dying mother? A birth family discovered in middle age? Kreider deconstructs these (and other) relationships in obsessive, uncompromisingly honest, detail. Perhaps because this book was given to me by a guy from my men's group, I particularly appreciate the thoughtful, thorough treatment of friendships between men. Despite the title, there is a lot to lea... morern here.
review 2: These essays are the perfect antidote to the kind of pathetically defensive, smarmy, self-pitying self-help articles chronicling various spiritual malaises that make their way around Facebook a few times a week. I was introduced to Kreider's work through his cartoons, and while I think they're hilarious, they have a very different vibe than his writing, and I'm inclined to agree with people put off by the juxtaposition. But this is still a great book. The unabashed emotional life he lives is something I fear I'll never be able to achieve (this may be a generational thing) but for someone for whom stoicism and irony are norms it's a wakeup call. Very funny and highly quotable also. less
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Good stuff, worth reading and worth pondering. But his NY Times essays are better, in my opinion.
Was particularly fond of the essay about tristam shandy and his mom.
Life is really like this, or so I found myself agreeing.
Insightful essays that avoid being solipsistic.
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