Since You’ve Been Gone Quotes

This is a collection of quotes and my fave scenes from the book. You can check out my review here.

*contains spoilers*

The apples I did see looked like the tiny, sour ones, and I had resigned myself to one of these when I spotted one, just a little out of reach. It wasn’t as big or as perfectly formed as a supermarket apple, but it was the best one that I could see. — Chapter 2: Apple Picking At Night, page 91

Sure enough, it was an application to work at Paradise Ice Cream. It had been filled out for me in Sloane’s handwriting. There was Sloane’s email and phone number, but my name and work experience. Sloane had put herself down as my emergency contact, and under Additional Info, she had added, I am a really hard worker, a wonderful friend, really punctual, funny, loyal, thoughtful, all-around awesome. Oh, and humble too. — Chapter 3: 55 S. Ave. Ask for Mona, page 97

It wasn’t the worst idea in the world. I needed a job, after all. And Sloane had gotten me one. She had put this on the list, after all, so that I’d know about this job even after she’d left. — Chapter 3: 55 S. Ave. Ask for Mona, page 98

I found myself pressing the button to call Sloane. Sure enough, her voicemail recording started, the one I knew by heart.

“Hey, it’s me. I got the job, the one at Paradise. So thanks for setting that up for us.” I said the word automatically, but a second later, reality hit me like a punch to the gut. There would be no us at Paradise. — Chapter 3: 55 S. Ave. Ask for Mona, page 102

I just reached across the counter and gave him a quick hug, my arms just touching his back before I dropped them again.  — Chapter 4: Hug A Jamie, page 146

Nothing work doing is easy. Especially not in the beginning. But I’m not about to give up. — Chapter 4: Hug A Jamie, page 159

That night, in the darkness, sharing our secrets and favorite pizza-topping preferences, he’d moved closer to just being Frank – maybe, possibly, even my friend. — Chapter 5: Share Some Secrets in the Dark, page 196

It was much easier to volunteer to do the brave thing, and much harder to actually have to follow through with it. — Chapter 6: Kiss A Stranger, page 217

But you can’t help who you fall for. The heart wants what it wants. — Chapter 9: Break Something, page 311

I watched his taillights until they got more and more distant and then faded from view entirely. I realized, in that moment, that I hadn’t needed to destroy Bryan’s sunglasses in the Paradise parking lot. Because it was clear to me now that I’d already broken something. — Chapter 9: Break Something, page 316-317

I don’t think you have to do something so big to be brave. And it’s the little things that are harder anyway. — Chapter 9: Break Something, page 323

You’re the brightest thing in the room. You shine.” — Chapter 11: Dance Until Dawn, page 338

Of course, I liked him as a friend. But this was different. This was more than that. This was wanting to reach over and touch his cheek, lightly, so as not to wake him. This was what had been bouncing around somewhere in my mind ever since the night of his birthday when I’d looked at him just a little too long in the moonlight. — Chapter 13: The Backless Dress. And Somewhere to Wear It, page 359

“I know things might not work. And I know it’s scary, but the things that are worth it are. It feels right.”

“What is that like?”

I knew the answer to that immediately. It was like swimming under the stars, like sleeping outside, like climbing a tree in the dark and seeing the view. It was the way I felt when I was with him. “Like a well-ordered universe.” — Chapter 17: Find What’s Lost, page 441

I somehow knew that the particulars didn’t matter. She was my heart, she was half of me, and nothing, certainly not a few measly hundred miles, was ever going to change that. — Chapter 17: Find What’s Lost, page 445

And that’s it! Comment down below your favorite quotes and scenes from the book and I might also add it to mine.

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