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The Art Of The Clean Up (2000)

by Ursus Wehrli(Favorite Author)
4.27 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: I got this book from the library after I read an article in a local jazz magazine where the editor mentioned the book. Interesting commentary on the messiness of life. Despite what some think of me, I enjoyed the 'messy' pieces. I get it. But, my OCD-ness and need for organization also liked some of the clean lines of colour coded smarties. (I organize my smarties by colour and number before I eat them...welcome to my world, Peeps).
review 2: This book makes me happy, whenever life seems too chaotic or out of control, I sort something...it is like my version of meditation. Seeing the various things in this book sorted and organized just makes me feel good. Well except organizing the Koi into fishsticks, that just made me sad...and hungry...but mostly sad. Ther
... moree really isn't much to say about this book, it is short, there are no words, and it is well organized. less
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I LOVED this. It was so unique and such a pleasurable experience to go through this book.
Fun yet sometimes disturbing look at the parts which comprise the whole!
A picture book for grown-ups with exacting tendencies...
Beautiful, imaginative, clever
Great visual book!!!!
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