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Gil Marsh (2012)

by A.C.E. Bauer(Favorite Author)
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0375869336 (ISBN13: 9780375869334)
Random House Books for Young Readers
review 1: This book,”Gil Marsh” by A.C.E. Bauer, should not be brought on board of this spaceship. This book has very little historical and scientific value. Although, it does have quite a bit of cultural information, if you are looking at Quebec’s culture. I don’t think the story of Gil losing his friend and running away from his house to go try and find an immortal man, to try and bring Enko back from the dead is really one of the two million most important books ever known to man. Another reason I wouldn’t bring it is because it is really just a more modern translation of the Legend of Gilgamesh, which i believe would be brought on board. So, I think it would be unnecessary to also include this book. The only reason I could think to bring this book aboard the spaceship,... more would be if you wanted to bring a book written from every author, or if you were trying to show how Quebec looks to a teenager that is all alone. With all of these reasons taken into account I do not think this book should be brought onto the Spaceship.
review 2: Gil Marsh has an interesting story. The premise dragged me in, caught my interest. The writing, however, fell flat. The emotions Gil says he feels seem fake. He goes on a quest out of love for his best friend, but you never really feel that love. Gil and Enko's relationship spans about two chapters, and it's not very detailed. We're supposed to take it on faith that they had this great love, but I never really felt it.Gil's quest itself was also not very deep. It gives us a nice look at Canada, but it seemed like the author was trying too hard to teach us French. Every time Gil heard a new French word that he didn't understand, the author would spell it out phonetically. It was a little too much, especially if there's a glossary in the back of the book.I also didn't like the author's overuse of exclamation points. Almost every time Gil found himself in a new impossible situation, she'd overdo it. We can tell by what's going on that he's in trouble, but she'd go overboard, spell everything out clearly and throw on an exclamation point.Overall, the book read as a children's book, not a young adult book. less
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A solid pick for reluctant readers. Longer review to appear in the Canadian journal, ResourceLinks.
Good book, a bit sad, and I knew she was going to scam him, and yeah, pretty good!
This book was alright, wouldn't neccesarily recommend it though
couldn't finish this... :(
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