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The Shoebox Bible (2006)

by Alan Bradley(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 3
0771016638 (ISBN13: 9780771016639)
McClelland & Stewart
review 1: "Some children are born seeking God outside themselves, and it is a lifelong quest, but one that can never be fulfilled, so that they are often left, in the end, sitting among the remnants of the things they have accumulated, and love is not one of them. Yet other children - born in awe of the roaring torrents of their own arteries, the wide deserts of their skins, the uncharted forests of their silken hair, and the craggy mountains of their own knees, knuckles, and toes - sense instinctively from birth that the Creator is within, that in the hidden depths of movement lies the secret of existence."
review 2: Obtained this rare book from a Canadian bookseller. No one in the states seems to have it. A glimpse into the sisters of his Flavia de Luce series obviousl
... morey based on his own sisters and the effect of a lost parent on family life mimics his own situation. In many ways this must have been cathartic for the author and his humor gives a glimpse of how he came to terms with early loss. A tribute to his strong mother and to his credit one of his early writings that acknowledged his debt to an upbringing that fostered his creativity and produced subsequent writings of exceptional quality. less
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This was a cute story of the author's viewpoint growing up.
Touching, Moving & Inspirational! A Beautiful Read!
What a powerful little book!
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