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Electrified Sheep: Glass-Eating Scientists, Nuking The Moon, And More Bizarre Experiments (2011)

by Alex Boese(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 5
0752227386 (ISBN13: 9780752227382)
Boxtree, Limited
review 1: Definitely a pop science book, with the start of each section having a (at least partially fantasised) dramatic section. In fact, while it is a pop science book, there is a lot of history in there (which is probably quite expected given the subject matter).It is organised into, electricity, nuclear reactions etc., and starts of with the section containing the title story, electricity. However, I felt that this was too large a section, and toward the end of it, I had become quite bored of hearing more and more about the mad things some people did with electricity before much was known about it.By far the most interesting section was the middle one, on deception in psychology (and psychiatry), and I'd been aware of some of the bits in there before!Overall, I think it was wel... morel-written, interesting to read and easy to follow, I just wish there had been a bit more variation in topic.
review 2: This is A 3.5 rating the opening studies are extremely boring. Chapter 1: Electric BodiesThe study of electric goes to the animals one thing I will remember next time the lights go out with no sign of a storm, then that is pay back from the pigeons.Chapter 2: Nuclear ReactionsMuch better section the things scientist to with Atomic Bombs will definitely leave your jaw with awh stuck.Chapter 3: Deceptive WaysVery boring!Chapter 4: Monkeying AroundScientist trying to make monkeys civilized and why not figure out if a female monkey has an orgasm**Spoiler Alert**The signs of orgasms appear with facial expressions and grabbing its mate head, but like mens nipples there is no need, so the science table is still open if any one wants to take the studies further.Chapter 5: Do-it-yourselfersThe best chapter of them all, like Boeses' other bizarre experiments explained I was use to.Scientist of the late 1800s swallowed nuts, bolts, vomit and urine to give us an idea in such cases. The painful reading section for us men will be the smashing of genitals with hammers and weights in frying pans resting on testis just to see what kind of pain it causes?? Self surgery, with cocaine and many other do-it-yourself, don't try this at home painful suggested reading, I recommend to definitely read this chapter. less
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Took a bit for me to get into, however, when I did there were quite a few fascinating stories.
Very entertaining book. If you enjoy the realm of the odd, you will like this book.
Another of Boese's excellent books! An entertaining read all the way through!
3.5 stars.
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