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Breaking Through The Wall (2000)

by Alexis Noelle(Favorite Author)
4.17 of 5 Votes: 5
Guarded Hearts
review 1: Breaking through the walls is the second book from Alexis Noelle and it picks up right were Playing with fire left off from Jason's POV. Maddy is seriously injured during the car crash taking away the life of her unborn child. Jason feels guilty because he was late getting to her place from being on a date with someone he could not care any less about. Women to him now are all distraction to try divert his mind from Nicole but nothing seems to be working. After Maddy is taken to the hospital Jason sets about find Carter, as we know from Playing With Fire Cater was shot and laying on the ground unconscious and that is were Jason finds him....good news the bullet went straight through his shoulder so he was not too badly hurt. Jason is completely devastated at what has happ... moreened to his closet friends Shawn is not around much so he has no one else to turn to but Nicole (Maddy's best friend). Nicole form a crush on Jason as soon as Maddy introduced them, but he seems uninterested and does not really give her the time of day until they hooked up on New Years. There is something special between them she feels it and so does he but Jason wants nothing to do with the kinds of feelings she evokes in him so he pushes her away time and time again only hooking up when he can't stay away from her any longer. "No girl has ever held my attention for this long, much less made me feel the way I do when I'm around her"~JasonMaddy wants nothing more than to be with Jason but he keeps running so she is determined to break through his walls and claim him as hers. I really love Jason in this book once he opens up and show his more vulnerable side he is so sweet, caring, loving, attentive and his possessive alpha male is seriously HOT "You Jane, Me Tarzan" act he had it down to tee.The sex is unbelievably crazy and wild between the two and not to mention public a lot of the times. This book should come with a warning that possible underwear combustion/igniting highly likely and you might need a few changes of underwear.Maddy and Carter is having a difficult time getting over the ordeal they suffered at the hands of her ex-boyfriend Chris. To make matters worse Chris's father has managed to get a lot of the vital details emitted from the accident report so its looking likely that Chris will get off with what he has done.Shawn is still acting weird (I think he is doing underground fighting) I'm looking forward to finding out what's up with him and getting to know his story.At first I wasn't too sure about the two stories running together but it was actually quite cool.Great second book, loved the ending now I can't wait for MORE!!!!
review 2: This is the second book the Guarded Hearts series and it is better than book 1. You won’t be disappointed.I really like the continuation of the story of this loveable, and sometimes damaged, group of friends. These young people grow closer together as relationships develop and new friends come into their circle. Breaking Through The Wall continues with Madison and Carter’s story. Their love life is solid but they are still dealing with Madison’s crazy ex-boyfriend. Chris (the ex) is stalking Madison and determined to make her life miserable. Chris wants her to come back to him. Carter is a true protector and worries about Madison whenever he isn’t with her. They are so cute together. At the same time Jason is getting bored with his many one night stands. Nicole is on his mind whenever he goes out on a date. For a man like Jason who doesn’t believe in permanent relationships Nicole’s pull on his heart strings is driving him crazy. Jason knows he has to make a decision about moving forward with Nicole. Nicole wants a relationship with Jason. Who wouldn’t he is fun, hot and a good guy. However, Nicole knows she has to start dating someone else or Jason will continue to take her for granted. The scene when Jason, Nicole and her new “friend” are at Carter’s house is really fun. I love how this whole relationship plays out. It is great and I can see this event actually happening as written.Shawn is still acting weird. Shawn is Carter and Jason’s high school friend. The group is worried about the double life that he appears to be living. I can see this playing out many different ways so good and some not so good. I hope Shawn doesn’t make me cry.I can’t really go into the story in depth. There are so many twists and unexpected events presented that add to the angst of the story. It is better for the reader to come in fresh and be as shocked as I am. While the book is a short quick read the plot is solid and packed full of love and unexpected twists and turns. I love the way the characters are developed and grow in each book. It is very easy to fall into their life and feel their love, pain, joy, disappointment, etc. The support characters (family mostly) add to the story and the readers’ knowledge of the characters. Each person in the group is easy to love and the villains are the type you just love to hate. I held off writing this review because I was concerned when I saw on Amazon that book 3 is out of print. I am happy to report that Ms. Noelle contacted me and let me know that her publisher is re-releasing book 3 soon. I really need to know what happens next with this group. I really, really want more of the story. less
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Love Jason, love Nic, love Maddy and love Carter. I can't wait for the next book.
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