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Nothing Left To Lose (2000)

by Kirsty Moseley(Favorite Author)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 4
Guarded Hearts
review 1: Lots of reviews I've read of this book say this is too long. Yes, it's long but I never really feel like it's dragging. I loved the story line and quite frankly didn't want to ever put it down! The ONLY thing I didn't care for was Ashton's pet name for Anna. "Baby" is great...but "Baby Girl" really made it feel to me like he was talking down to her. Or maybe I've read it in other books where the Gay best friends call the female character "baby girl" so it just didn't sit well but I was totally able to look past it for the great story. I would read this again. And probably again.
review 2: May contain spoilerok I can't tell you much about the book, because it was so long and I just wanted to be done with it. I do remember that it annoyed me at times (getting it
... morenow). How was it possible to be the senator daughter and go missing but no one knows who she is at all her schools. Then this stranger comes in and I admit I know a thing about instant love my husband was relentless when it came to me. but she went from not allowed to be touched to falling all over him in three days. I was so confused, then she fought him at every turn. I remember thinking this was going to be an amazing book from the tragic beginning, It just left this weird taste in my mouth. So it was just ok3 so many unexplainable things stars less
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Best book ever!I´ve read hundreds books but this one is my very favourite one!!!
I really enjoyed this book. My only complaint is it was too long.
3.5*. Was a little long, but it liked it.
Read this on wattpad many many months ago
Good book. Read it on wattpad long ago.
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