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A novel set in the 80’s about two young teens, Eleanor, a lost girl with unruly red hair, and Park, a boy who wears nothing but black. Slowly they fall in love, the most unlikely pair seem to be the perfect match.An enjoyable read from the beginning to the end. From bursts of laughter to sudden teary eyes, there is no emotion that is left out when reading this book. The characters stories are captivating and emotional, with each turn of the page you fall deeper in love with them.From reading previous books, I understand the notion of changing perspectives from chapter to chapter, but in this book it is different. The character perspectives change during this chapter, which at first I found unusual but then I began to really enjoy it. The different views on the same situation was a great asset to this book. A way into a boys mind when a girl just snaps for an unknown reason!If you have read the book you understand my frustration at the end just grrr, but I wouldn’t change the ending. It’s a perfect ending to a beautiful piece of literature. It’s a very romantic book I must say although it has a great storyline, so if romance isn’t for you this book might not be for you. That doesn’t mean don’t give it a go! Due to explicit content the book is only suitable for those aged sixteen and above. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would love to start it all over again, afresh.
gr 8-12This book came highly recommended, and I wasn't disappointed. It is also the second book I tried reading on an electronic reader. This one went much better than the last, though I do love the way the pages stack up physically when you have finished them in a physical book.At any rate, this is really a sweet story of a friendship/romance that starts unexpectedly on the bus between two students you wouldn't necessarily put together, except they are both outsiders in their own way. The writing goes between Eleanor's perspective and Park's - that works together quite seamlessly. Eleanor's home life reveals itself in the little details of everyday life (not wanting to take a shower when her step-dad is in the house, etc.)I thought is was really amazing how the author wrote the sensual parts of the book - and how she remembered how first touching someone else's hand, etc. was - someone that you liked. Lovely and poignant. I haven't read her other books, but notice she has also written for adults.This has a little more physical detail than 24 Girls in 7 Days, but still has a pretty innocent tone, for a more gentle YA book (though her stepfather's violence/drinking is not gentle.)
Waiting to form a coherent thought about this gem .......
More like 4.5 but close enough!
Loved it.
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