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Eleanor And Park (2013)

by Rainbow Rowell(Favorite Author)
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St. Martin's Griffin
review 1: I think that Eleanor and Park is a great book. The characters are different then in other books; It's not in every books that you see a chubby redheaded girl or a skinny Asian kid they are out casts,different that's what makes them so relatable. We can't all be beauty queens or hot jocks but in Eleanor and park they don't care about looks it's the way they make each other feel. This is the true meaning of love it's a great moral.
review 2: When I first started reading this book I liked it very much. It hat a very promising start, a fat girl with a troubled home life, a very geeaky hero, everything starts in a school bus, a totally non-ordinary teen story. I was very pleased with the book (well at least with the first 50 pages). I couldn't wait that the romance
... more between this two misfits start. And it started...and i couldn't be more bored. They didn't have a least one dialog that I could understand (maybe because I do not like the music of that age and totally don't like comic books) out side of that I didn't see any similarity that could bring them together. In one hand I understand that Eleanor needed something bright in her life, her mother doesn't care enough to leave her abusive stepfather, her real father doesn't care at all, she does not have a toothbrush, allways hungry but still fat (What a irony of life) and don't get me even started with the school kids. I fellt so so so sorry for her. Although I didn't like the romance I fell very sorry for her, she was a strong character. Parks dad is everything that Park will never be and that only was Parks problem in family, I'm glad that the author of this book didn't make that Park has a perfekt home life, because, let's be true, nobody has, nobody has perfect parents, that is simply impossible. His family has some kind ob issues but that all, Eleanor hat mit so much more to deal.I didn't like the way they talked to each other (not at the beginning when they first started to talk to each other, that was very cute, but later) the way they looked at each other, then their thoughts about each other, I don't know it was a little to much to me, maybe because I'm not such a lovey-dovey type of person. I literally could not read it! It was for me boring to the death, I even started skiping a few pages when they would start to think about each other (Come on, they don't see each other just for the weekend and it's already the end of the world. She wants to eat him, how come that that is romantic???) I simply could not see some real chemistry between them.The autor could make everything so much more interesting, she could show us how deep characters Eleanor and Park are, but the only thing i saw was that they now were helpless without each other, out side the end and Parks kicking Steve, they never try to help they partner. Their love didn't make them stronger but weaker. Eleanor doesn't want to leave that hell of a life because of Park, Park thinks so much about her that I didn't meet him the way I wanted, like the Park before Eleanor, out side the comics and musics what kind of person is he. Well, not very much. To short this already very long review (which could be much more longer) I will just say dissapointed, I expected more, because of that promising start. I don't recommend this book to people that generally aren't big fans of romance novels and totally-in-love-so-that-I-can't-breath-without-you teen novels, you will just get annoyed and forget the good sides of this book (which this book surly has) But if you are crazy about romance...I will say...just go on. less
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A novel set in the 80’s about two young teens, Eleanor, a lost girl with unruly red hair, and Park, a boy who wears nothing but black. Slowly they fall in love, the most unlikely pair seem to be the perfect match.An enjoyable read from the beginning to the end. From bursts of laughter to sudden teary eyes, there is no emotion that is left out when reading this book. The characters stories are captivating and emotional, with each turn of the page you fall deeper in love with them.From reading previous books, I understand the notion of changing perspectives from chapter to chapter, but in this book it is different. The character perspectives change during this chapter, which at first I found unusual but then I began to really enjoy it. The different views on the same situation was a great asset to this book. A way into a boys mind when a girl just snaps for an unknown reason!If you have read the book you understand my frustration at the end just grrr, but I wouldn’t change the ending. It’s a perfect ending to a beautiful piece of literature. It’s a very romantic book I must say although it has a great storyline, so if romance isn’t for you this book might not be for you. That doesn’t mean don’t give it a go! Due to explicit content the book is only suitable for those aged sixteen and above. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would love to start it all over again, afresh.
gr 8-12This book came highly recommended, and I wasn't disappointed. It is also the second book I tried reading on an electronic reader. This one went much better than the last, though I do love the way the pages stack up physically when you have finished them in a physical book.At any rate, this is really a sweet story of a friendship/romance that starts unexpectedly on the bus between two students you wouldn't necessarily put together, except they are both outsiders in their own way. The writing goes between Eleanor's perspective and Park's - that works together quite seamlessly. Eleanor's home life reveals itself in the little details of everyday life (not wanting to take a shower when her step-dad is in the house, etc.)I thought is was really amazing how the author wrote the sensual parts of the book - and how she remembered how first touching someone else's hand, etc. was - someone that you liked. Lovely and poignant. I haven't read her other books, but notice she has also written for adults.This has a little more physical detail than 24 Girls in 7 Days, but still has a pretty innocent tone, for a more gentle YA book (though her stepfather's violence/drinking is not gentle.)
Waiting to form a coherent thought about this gem .......
More like 4.5 but close enough!
Loved it.
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