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The Billion-Dollar Marriage Contract (2014)

by Alyssa Urbano(Favorite Author)
3.3 of 5 Votes: 13
1495914100 (ISBN13: 9781495914102)
review 1: Wow, I am surprised by the reviews because this book is CRAP! How can a woman stay married to a man who humiliates her at her own wedding? The man flaunts his affairs for god's sake! If she's not concerned about the merger, why not opt for divorce?I feel that the author couldn't make up her mind. There are too many story lines e.g. the conniving grandfather, the shady love interest, the kidnapping, another villain fuelled by revenge. Is it contemporary second-chance romance or is it romantic suspense?. I am puzzled by the chapter 13 that I decided to stop reading (DNF). Don't waste your time reading this book. There are many other great romance books available.
review 2: “They knew that when love hit, it hit hard. Love made you forget past mistakes and gave y
... moreou hope for the future”I really love it when a book is able to genuinely take me by surprise and keep me guessing like this one did. The more I think about all the layers, the more impressed I am with the way it all came together. I loved that the book leaves you thinking. I'm still running sections of it over and over in my mind processing it from all the different angles. It's really very well done! “Am I winning your heart yet?”Oh Alyssa Urbano! You win my heart! Looking forward for more!! less
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i love the story, how second chances really work if they will put an effort on it.
Unexpected author! When I started reading the book, I can't let go of it!
I liked this book. I didn't fall in love with it, but I liked it.
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