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La Risposta è Nelle Stelle (2013)

by Nicholas Sparks(Favorite Author)
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8820053934 (ISBN13: 9788820053932)
review 1: You may not believe it, but it's only my second book by Nicholas Sparks, yet I feel as if I have read all of them - they are so characteristically written that you can't mistake the author! And well, you can laugh (please don't!), but I haven't seen any film based on his books yet. I know, I know, but well, read before you see, right?This is one book with two different love stories, that of Ira and Ruth, and Sophia and Luke. Ira is 91 years old and thinks that, after a car accident, this is it. But his wife Ruth appears and tells him not to give up, that he should focus on their memories, from the day they fell in love.Rodeo is the last thing that's on Sophia Dank's mind, but well, what a girl won't do for her best friend Marcia. Recovering from her last relationship, she... more doesn't think about love at all, but well, there is this cowboy, Luke. But Luke is keeping a secret, a secret that can shatter their lives. "The Longest Ride" alternates between the two love stories, that are so different to each other! It also switches between the points of view of Ira, Sophia and Luke, yet it makes a clear, comfortable read. Both stories are beautiful and written in this characteristic, Nicholas Sparks's style, full of warmth, wisdom and understanding. But the best part is to see how those stories eventually connect - great, just great.Ira was incredible and wise character, and I absolutely loved to read his story and learn about his journey, and I just couldn't not like him. His story was so poignant, especially his feelings to his wife, they just made me cry, so moving it was. They were a couple that you always hope you're going to be, a couple to stand the test of time and circumstances and "till death do us part". This relationship was one of the best I have ever read about. There is such contrast to those two relationship: one is old and so comfortable, the second is so fresh, new, but both of them seem just so real and are a real joy to read. The way Nicholas Sparks writes and tells the stories is so exceptional, and I guess only he can describe love in such true, honest way. He can also create incredible, lively, vivid characters that feel more than realistic and true. I have warmed to them all immediately and desperately wanted to know their stories, no matter how heart - breaking they were going to be. They were, of course, because in Nicholas Sparks's books nothing is easy and life always gets complicated, but they were also in some way uplifting and so, so, so gripping.The way Nicholas writes about love and the way he puts obstacles in the way of the characters, makes the reading only more anticipating, gripping and realistic. Love in his books is not only bed of roses, but thanks to this all feels so realistic. He is also the master of twists and turns, and oh my word, he knows how to surprise the reader!I couldn't put the book down, literally, so desperate I was to see how the two stories connect and intertwine, and when they did, I just gasped. This book evoked all kind of emotions in me, had me crying and laughing, and you know, reading it just gave me the creeps. I would really recommend "The Longest Ride" to all you hopeless romantic, and not only, as it is a read that pulls at all the right heart strings. This is a real treat, beautifully written, that I can't recommend enough - read it before you see it!Copy received from publisher in exchange for a review.
review 2: Truth be told, this is the first Sparks book I have ever read, and truth be told, I read it because I saw the preview for the movie--and the movie looks amazing.The first half seemed to drag for me, but it was interesting enough and had enough random spots of AMAZING to keep me going. Once I got to the second half, I stayed up until 6 AM finishing it.The Ira/Ruth portions had me in tears 75% of the time. I felt for those two so much. Luke and Sophia felt cheesy at times, but that could have been just a really accurate depiction of how people in their early twenties interact and experience relationships. And the ending was INSANE, but I loved it. Sometimes, people deserve a miracle, and Luke and his mom definitely deserved it.I LOVED this book, but only four stars because the beginning felt so slow to me. Although, it was thorough and made for a good build up. less
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A beautiful story of two couples who intersect in an unlikely way.
Very sweet - I loved Ira and Ruth.
A cute beach read
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