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Pretend (2000)

by Riley Hart(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 9
review 1: "Pretend" is the third novel of this riveting saga of the series Blackcreek. The characters, Mason and Gavin, have both come to Blackcreek to start a new life. Mason is a gay man who has been a part of a family who owns several restaurants and are very loving. After moving to Blackcreek to open up his own bar he finds out his family has lied to him all his life, he is adopted. This feeling of betrayal leads him to a life that he wants to separate from the restaurants. Gavin who also is gay, grew up in Blackcreek and left after graduating High School. He leaves with Braden Roth, who he has dated, but they are really just friends. Gavin comes back to Blackcreek after leaving his teaching job which he loved. Music is his passion. He goes to Creekside Bar and meets Mason. Spar... moreks fly and their lives start to intertwine. They both want each other and it seems that the two are the only ones they can open them up to. They both have their family problems, Mason with the feeling of betrayal and an ex who won't leave him alone, and Gavin, with a family who never excepted him as gay, telling him he is destined for hell if he continues that lifestyle. This is a story of love and the process of realizing and understanding who and what they really want. You'll fall in love with all the characters. Cooper, Noah, Wes, Braden, Mason, and Gavin are best friends and I can't wait till the last of the series comes out. If you love MM Romance, Love, and Drama, they all have it all. You are drawn into the lives of these people and the wonderful lives they turn out to have.
review 2: Book 3 - Mason & Gavin's story -didn't grab me as much as Noah & Cooper's or Wes & Braden's story but it was still an enjoyable read. I think I needed a more upbeat story this week as the emotional angst was a bit too much for my first week back at work after being on vacation-lol! In the end, I was happy that Gavin's dad had moment of clarity and that both Gavin & Mason figured out what they needed while they were separated. less
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I felt very little chemistry between these two so I didn't love the story. It was okay.
I liked the story, however, I liked Collide and Stay so much more.
Love this series
3.5 stars
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